• Snack Shopping

    We eat snack everyday and the children enjoy having a variety of foods. So once a week we take them shopping to involve them in buying the snack for the week. The children start to learn about money and making healthy food choices. And using the self service scanners are so much fun!
  • Flowerpot Club

    Together with Worthing Homes Cortis Avenue Wildlife Garden we involve the children in gardening activities. Once a week we walk to the wildlife garden and carry out a range of gardening experiences. We plant, grow and eat our produce, learn about wildlife and composting. The children gain so many life long skills from this activity.
  • Kingfisher Library

    We understand the importance of books and know that children thrive from being read to at an early age. To support you being able to do this, we provide you with a book bag and every time your child attends preschool they can choose a book to take home from our wide range.